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You aren’t the only one:

Every person has problems — No one’s life’s perfect.

Even the celebrities you see all over your social media who seem to have the fanciest lives go through phases of depression — Even wrestlers, trainers, kickboxers, presidents, EVEN royal families go through difficulties.

Jim Carrey, being one of the lost influential comedians also, spent so many years of his life trying to fight depression.

Johnny Depp, Kristen Bell, Selena Gomez, Abel – The Weeknd, Drake, Eminem, Chris Evans, Angelina Jolie, Abraham Lincoln, William James, BUDDHA, The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, Kendrick Lamar, Commando Steve, Brad Pitt, Emma Thompson, JK Rowling, Owen Wilson – Another Comedian, Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson — The Kardashian’s and Jenner’s that over half the women admire for their lavish lifestyles — Prince Harry? A prince! — Every single person suffers with depression at some phase of their lives.

Hence, never feel like you’re the only one or that if you open up, people will judge you. No!

Those days of ignorance are far behind us. In today’s age, people see STRENGTH when you open up, not weakness — Because people are aware, enlightened and so much more educated — Ignore those few who judge the courageous ones who speak about their problems, or those who teach you that eating your pain apparently makes you stronger — It really doesn’t, it deepens the wound and eventually plays a big role in changing not only your perspective, but also your personality. Don’t let traditions and cultures cage/suffocate you.

You’re a free bird — And you’ll find complete freedom when you get that negativity out of your system.

When you talk about it, the right people help you

understand that you’re so much bigger than your problems. They even help you solve them and grow.

Open up, your story may inspire so many others to open up… Your story might help so many others to solve their problems that they’ve been dealing with silently for years — This is how we grow as a person, this is how we collectively grow as a society — By supporting each other, through compassion, through kindness, through knowledge.

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